1. I Love Cheese

From the recording The End Of The Alphabet

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I Love Cheese

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There are some things in my life that I'm just crazy about
I'm gunna tell you about one of those things right now

I love cheese
I love cheese

There's something about the way the cheese looks
And the way that it tastes
Oh it's such a special special food
I love to stuff it in my face
It clogs up the entire digestive system
But I really don't care
Cos cheese is so special to me

I love cheese
I love cheese

Some of the cheese comes from cows
And some of it comes from goats
I like to put it in my salads
But I don't like to on my oats
There are iots of kinds of cheese in France
That French people will happily tell you all about
Oh but I love their cheese, it's delicious

I love cheese
I love cheese

Talkin' about real cheese
Not cheese whiz
When you're spread some cheese on a freshly baked baguette
Oh there's nothing quite the same
Cos nothing is quite as delicious as cheese
Except maybe a nice piec of pie

I love cheese
I love cheese