From the recording The End Of The Alphabet

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The Screaming Monkey

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This song is about a monkey
A monkey, yeah that's right
I don't know where the monkey came from, no
But we got a monkey
Now he's just a little toy
Good for my little boy
Just a monkey

But the monkey became the bane
The bane of my existence, oh yes he did
You see, the monkey is a catapult
Made to fire across the room, yeah
But when he lands or when he hits ya
He makes a horrible horrible sound

I can't describe it
I can't tell you what it's likeh
But when your son is throwing him at ya
Firing him in at ya
And he doesn't stop throwing him all night
Well it starts to drive you crazy,
Oh and it ain't right

That's why we had to hide the monkey, yeah
Stuck him in the back of a cupboard, yeah
We had to hide the monkey
I couldn't stand to see this monkey ever, ever
Cos he just kept making this horrible sound
Oh, oh, the monkey, the monkey
Let me tell you what I feel like

Talking about a monkey, yeah a monkey
Makes a horrible sound
Every time he hits a wall or hits the ground
And that monkey was always aimed right at my face