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The End Of The Alphabet

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There's something
That I've been dying to talk about
But I just kept it to myself
But I just can't
I just can't keep it inside any longer
Cos it's burning me up
Burning me up deep inside, oh yeah
And this something
You might not understand
But hey, it means a whole lot to me
That's why I'm gunna sing all about it
Write a song about it
And you know, come to think of it
I couldn't send you an X-mas card without it
I couldn't write you poetry
I couldn't send you a love letter
What kind of a love letter would it be without signing with love?
With hugs but no kisses
Oh I can't keep this inside anymore

That's right I'm singing about the end of the alphabet

Now don't get me wrong
I'm fond of the whole alphabet
But I just keep hearing about A through P
Don't give me no Q
Don't give me no R
Don't give me no S
Don't even give me no T

We couldn't write down the word Zebra
Or write an email about Yellow Underpants or Venereal Disease
Or try writing the word Xanadu without the end of the alphabet

No X-Men movies
No sings to the Yellow River
No Zoo posters
No U-Haul
No texting shorthand for the word ''You
How would Prince write his lyrics down?

No X-rated movies
Where would we be without the end of the alphabet