1. Jello

From the recording The End Of The Alphabet

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Jello is a wobbly kind of food
It jiggles around on your plate or in your bowl
Yeah Jello comes in all kinds of bright colors
Like yellow, green or purple, or even blue
And some people in Utah
They make somethin' called Jello Salad
It features lots of Jello
With some kind of canned fruit suspended inside it
And this Jello salad is very important to them
They eat it at Thanksgiving
Or sometimes at a Munch and Mingle
Oh my sweet Jello ah
Jiggle around on the plate for me Jello
Hey yeah yeah
Oh Jello
Jiggle around on the plate for me
Oh sweet Jello
Jiggle around for me Jello
Oh yeah, all your reds, blues, yellows and greens
I don't mind a bit of food coloring
As long as the food is sweet
Jello Salads are the best things in the world